Passionate about improving myself and the environment around me. Enjoys the challenges of true brand awareness and the story behind it.

Change Management

You are assigned to a challenging job with focus on setting up a new business model and strategy. Challenges are profitability improvements and expansion ambitions. I will give you some suggestions and advise on how to create the business model and execute your strategy, which stimulators and triggers to identify and how to analyze your supply chain management and revenue model.

Market entry

Use the right strategy and identify the key factors of success. Spend the right amount of money on your commercial due diligence. Larger consultant companies could offer you a flashy layout but they also seek expertise from other smaller more locally experienced people. I could give you some tips on getting quality data to a lower costs.


How do brands reach true identity and brand awareness? Is there a discrepancy between how you associate your brand compare to your target customer? Work on your position, packaging and pricing. Keep the relationship and communication to your customer transparent by co-creation and engaging them into the concept.

Digital strategy

What are the goals and objectives for your organisation? What strategy to use to reach these goals? By using the right KPI: s, to measure your performance could save you both time and money and be helpful in convincing your investors to spend more money. Choose the right tactics to increase your reach and conversion. Is the e-commerce on mobile devices the future and how would that affect your strategy? Experts are talking about, how your business is working on a four-screen world, is this important to consider in your strategy?


My views and thoughts on the subjects I write about.

News from the German retail market week 32.

German retail market week 32. Turn over + 8 % vs. LY. Zalando starts selling Mango. Woolrich opening in Hamburg. Latest top sellers women and men. The Tom Tailor Group growing their sales.

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News from the German retail market week 31

German retail market week 31. Turn over +1% vs. LY. Mango opening in Frankfurt, Birkenstock signing to become a serious global brand. Weaker figures from Adidas and the Metro group.

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News from the German retail market week 30

German retail market week 30. Turn over -5 % vs. LY. CPD-international Fashion Fair in Düsseldorf. German brand Esprit partners up with PETA.

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